Save on Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations—-if you look at them, they are just a piece of thick fancy paper. However, they are important as they are a formal announcement of your big day. It’s quite ironic that despite how technologically advanced the printing processes are nowadays, wedding invitations are still quite expensive and may take a huge bite out of your wedding budget. Here are some smart tips on how to save on wedding invitations.

Consider laser printing

If you are not the type of couple who has to have an embossed wedding invitation, a good money saver is to opt for a less expensive printing method. Laser printing—this is something the conservative set may frown upon but it can save a lot of money. Laser printing is faster too as compared to engraving and thermography.


People who are artsy and those who have plenty of time in their hands can consider DIY wedding invitations. As there are different kinds of wedding themes nowadays, there are also different kinds of wedding invitations. There are formal invitations, postcard type invitations, and customized wedding invitations. If you want yours to stand out and you want to save on wedding expenses, make them yourself.

Always order a sample

Even if you have the budget to get those very pretty embossed invitations, it is wise to get samples first. This will give you an idea about the quality of the work and the type of paper they will use.

Shop for options

Don’t just visit one printer. Check all the ones in your area and find the one that offers the best package for a good price.

Proofread once, twice, and thrice

Don’t trust your own eyes, as you might actually let some errors pass. Take a couple of friends with you and proofread like crazy.

Just use one envelope

It’s customary to use a couple of envelopes for mailing wedding invitations. Using additional envelopes can actually increase the cost.

Be careful with the add-ons

When it comes to wedding invitations, anything that you add to the basic can balloon up the expense. So use only necessary accents. Remember that it is the content of the invitations that count.

Order extra

Always order extra invitations to save time just in case you’ll need them later.

Come up with your complete wedding guest list before anything else

The time to visit a printer is when you have completed your guest list. Make sure that the names and titles are correct.

Ask everyone to help

If you are planning to make your own wedding invitations, ask the help of your family members and make sure that there is someone who will handle the quality control.

Suggest the theme of your wedding on your wedding invitations

Make sure that the colors and the accents used mirror the theme of your wedding.

These wedding invitation tips will help you announce your wedding with some style and still save some money.


A Wedding to Remember

A picture perfect wedding is a dream of every couple. This is why it is very important that you don’t forget to think about the photography services you’ll need when planning for a wedding. There are some couples who plan for this at the last minute, prompting them to settle for a company that offers mediocre services and those that they are not even comfortable with. Remember that on your wedding day you will be all giddy and lightheaded that there will be angles and scenarios you won’t be able to pay much attention to. The only documentation you will have of them if any, are your wedding photos. This is why it is important to invest on wedding photo services that will yield impressive results. Getting a reliable provider of wedding coverage services will ensure that the priceless moments on your big day will be captured and preserved the best way possible.

Wedding photography can be categorized into two. There is the classic style and the trending photo journalistic style. Most couples prefer the classic or traditional style as it is more formal and the possibility of wasted shots will be less. However, more spontaneous couples prefer the photojournalistic style as it captures the moments as they happen. Most of these moments may have actually been missed by the couple as they are busy entertaining their guests and are getting well wishes.

Some couples opt to have both kinds of wedding photography on their big day, which is no problem if your budget will allow it. Another option is to opt for the classic style and give each guest a disposable camera. This way, they can capture fun moments too and be able to mingle with the other guests in a fun way. The cameras can then be returned to the couple and so the photos can be reproduced.

So that everything runs smoothly, it is highly recommended that you inform your guests about the photography services and brief them on how to go about it. Remember that your wedding pictures are some of the few reminders of the most important day of your life so plan carefully.



A Guide to Choosing Wedding Flowers

Weddings are big celebrations that can be made even more memorable by beautiful flowers. Wedding flowers are one of the most important details one needs to attend to in planning for a wedding. The flowers will be used everywhere on the wedding—right from the bride’s bouquet, to the aisle decorations, to the table centerpieces, and the corsages.

For the wedding flowers, you have two options. You can hire a professional florist to handle all your flower needs or you can purchase directly from a wholesaler and do the arrangements yourself. The latter is only applicable if you have a creative streak and you have a team to help you out with your wedding flower arrangements. You can easily find a floral craft book and find the necessary tools you might need in plant shops near your area.

In choosing the wedding bouquet, you can opt for actual flowers. This is the usual choice of brides. However, if you want to be able to preserve your bridal bouquet, you can choose a fabric wedding bouquet. This is very popular nowadays and is a practical option for sentimentals. The budget also plays an important role in the choice of wedding flowers. Remember that locally sourced blooms are less costly than imported flowers. If you are on a tight budget, consider going local when it comes to the wedding flowers. So as not to waste the them, those that are used for the ceremony can easily be transferred to the reception venue. In addition, the bridesmaids’ bouquets can be used as centerpieces for the table of the newlyweds.

The theme of the wedding will also determine which flowers will look more appropriate. Beach weddings call for colorful tropical flowers and leis, while a conventional European church wedding will definitely be made more special with roses and lilies. Remember that these wedding flower tips are not written in stone. You can always decide to pick whatever blooms you think look best. After all it IS your wedding.

If you don’t have any idea as to how to go about the process of choosing the wedding flowers, have a meeting with your wedding coordinator.


Beach Wedding Dresses and How to Look Fabulous for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are now some of the hottest wedding trends. Tying the knot in an exotic island is definitely romantic and is a dream of couples who want to share their special moment with their guests somewhere far and with a more relaxed vibe. Beach weddings allow the couples and the guests to dress less formally, which is perfect for the fun-loving set. Here are tips in choosing beach wedding dresses.

It is about the fit.

Beach wedding dresses are not the conventional wedding dresses that are ultra luxurious and over the top in terms of detail. The most important detail in choosing the perfect dress for a beach wedding is the fit. It has to accentuate your best features and hide the areas that you don’t feel so confident about. If you are comfortable with showing some skin, you can opt for a sarong style dress or a halter top gown that shows off your arms.

Be wise about the color.

There are certain colors that complement the beach scenery. Deep purple, bright yellow, coral, turquoise, and jade green are good color choices for a beach wedding. Plumeria pink and tangerine are also often chosen. If you like a more somber color but you don’t like white, you may choose powder blue or mocha.

Make sure that the fabric can handle travel and the humidity.

As much as possible, choose a fabric that can stand humidity and is low maintenance. This is a helpful tip especially if you are the guest who doesn’t have too much time left between your arrival and the ceremony.

Try buying readymade wedding dresses.

Unlike indoor weddings, beach weddings are more forgiving in terms of the dress code. Because lightweight fabrics are often used for beach wedding dresses, you can buy a readymade dress and still have a great chance of finding one that fits you fabulously. Check the stores near you, or if you want a more unique dress, buy online.

Be veil free.

Brides have been using a veil for weddings since forever. However, in a windy setting such as the beach, a veil is not practical. It can blur your vision and it would just keep on dancing with the breeze, making you reach out for it more often than is necessary. Also, if your hair tends to puff due to high humidity, you might want to consider an up do that will keep it in place.

Flip flops are cool.

The great thing about opting to wear a beach wedding dress is that you can pair it with flip flops. Some brides often choose to have feet accessory to accent their bare feet. Remember that beach and heels don’t match.

Accessorize for the occasion.

Accessorizing beach wedding dresses is different from dressing up a conventional white wedding dress. Natural accents such as pearls, starfish, flowers, and wooden beads are okay.

Make sure to inform your guests about your dress code.

While it is safe to assume that they can dress less formally, it is better to tell them clearly just what the dress code will be so they won’t second guess themselves.


Timeless Antique Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is the symbol of betrothal and is the sign that wedding bells will soon be ringing. A woman who is given an antique engagement ring should be extremely flattered as antique rings are known for their impressive craftsmanship and high quality of stones. The improvement in the clarity of the diamonds can be seen in the engagement rings from the Art Deco period. This period also marked the popularity of bezel style rings to enhance the look of small diamonds. The bezel setting makes them appear larger in size and adds to the sparkle. During the 1920’s, white metals like platinum, white gold, and silver are the usual setting.

Some of the most elaborate designs are from the Victorian Era. While the stones from this period are not as clear as the stones from the modern day, they are considerably larger. Rose and yellow gold are the two most common metals used for Victorian engagement rings. Plenty of metal work can be seen in Edwardian rings, as the filigree design can often be seen on the engagement ring from the Edwardian period. If you are looking for a vintage ring for your beloved, look at the rings from the Victorian period up to the early 1940’s. They are considered to be the best.

In looking for antique engagement rings, be sure to do your research first and consult an expert. Ideally, the ring should come with a certificate to ensure that you are getting a legitimate piece. If it has no certificate, have it appraised first. Be sure to carefully check the ring before buying it. Check for visible scratches and dents on the metal. Also, make sure that the stones are still carefully in place. If there are loose stones, make sure you have them fixed.

If you are given an antique ring, make sure to care for it properly. Have it inspected regularly to ensure that you won’t lose any precious stone. In addition, have it professionally cleaned to help preserve its beauty. Remember that the engagement ring is a very important symbol of commitment. Make sure you buy from authorized sellers and you care for the ring properly.


Help on Wedding Vows

The wedding day is probably the most significant event in a person’s adult life. A marriage is a life changing event and the wedding ceremony marks this new chapter. One of the details that need to be considered is the wedding vow. This is the heart of the wedding ceremony. It is the verbal testament of a lifelong promise and is something that is expected to be honorably fulfilled.

There are conventional wedding vows and while there are couples who like to use them and stick to the traditional wedding ceremony, there are couples who want a more heartfelt solemn promise. Therefore, they make their own wedding vows. The thing is that, not everyone finds it easy to make one. In fact, it can be pretty challenging as not only you and your beloved will get to hear it. Every living soul in your wedding day will be able to hear it.

Writing a wedding vow is far from writing an essay to impress. This will not be graded. The most important thing is that it is sincere, genuine, and something you feel from your heart up to your toes. It is the chance to tell your love and devotion for someone.

A phenomenal e-book that has received a tremendous amount of positive reviews is 101 Wedding Vows. This is a book that was written by Les White. If words are not your friends and you struggle to write the perfect, most romantic wedding vow, this book might be of a big help. Whether you like it light, quirky, or a bit teasing, this book can definitely allow you to create a wedding vow most suitable for your personality and something that will increase the romance factor on your very special day.

In creating the perfect wedding vow, it need not be poetic. In fact, if you’re not the poetic literary type, just go with your instincts. Also, it need not be long. Some people pressure themselves to come up with a two-page speech. That’s totally insane. Unless you want everyone to be asleep by the time you finish, keep it simple, long enough to say what you want, and make sure that it is from the heart.


Take Your Pick: Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Lovely Lady

For most men, the engagement is a giant leap and is one of the biggest life- altering moments that they should carefully plan for. This is a momentous declaration of love and a choice to move on to a more exciting time and look forward to being married. The star of the engagement is the ring, of course. Nothing says love louder and clearer than a diamond engagement ring. Diamond is the world’s toughest substance and is the rightful symbol of love and devotion. If you are planning to propose and are considering buying an engagement ring, check out these guidelines.

Remember that an engagement ring is more than just an ornament. It will be a lifetime reminder of the day she says yes to you. It is a love symbol that she will wear for always so it has to be a design that fits her personality in the best way possible.

A round solitaire diamond is the most popular choice, although you can also pick a princess cut (square cut) or an emerald cut. It can also be a white diamond or a colored diamond, depending on the choices available. For the romantic types, a thin-band solitaire marquise cut is a good choice as it elongates the fingers, making them look daintier and more feminine. A thick band with a more contemporary style will suit a modern woman on the go. Small hands won’t look great with a thick band, so it is important that you find a style that complements the size and shape of your beloved’s hands.

Of course, the larger the stone, the pricier is the ring. The price also depends on when the ring was made. Antique rings are costlier as most of them have elaborate work and have bigger diamonds. Their designs are also very distinctive. If you have the budget, vintage rings will definitely make your loved one feel more special but of course, the ring is just the symbol. Choose an engagement ring that mirrors your promise and one that she will happily wear for a lifetime.


Sweet Weddings: The Wedding Cake

In planning for your wedding, there are many details that you have to take care of. One of them is the wedding cake. Because it is a romantic event, anything sweet is considered to be a must for every wedding. The cake will be among the most important elements of the wedding reception and will be part of the so-called, first slice of the wedding cake, which the couple will share together. The remaining cake is usually served to the guests. So what makes a good wedding cake?

Aesthetic appeal

The wedding cake is considered to be an extension of the wedding theme so it is not uncommon to find a wedding cake that matches the wedding colors or take inspiration from the venue of the wedding. The traditional wedding cake color is white, although nowadays, that is rarely observed as design options have tremendously increased over the last few decades. The height of the cake also varies, depending on the budget and the preferences of the couple. There are very high, multi-level tiered cakes, while there are two layer cakes. Because it will be photographed many times, it has to be visually appealing. Some couples choose a cake made of hundreds of cupcakes in many different flavors and designs as an alternative to wedding cakes. Cupcakes make serving the guests easier and they are easier to transport too.

Yumminess factor

Of course, it is not only important that the cake looks good. It is also very important that it tastes good. Couples can choose from different varieties of cake base. They can choose a decadent cheese cake, go delicate with an angel food cake, or go dense and filling with a buttery pound cake. Mousse cakes and fruit cakes are also very popular choices. It would be a lot easier if the couple picks a single cake flavor. However, if you want to make the guests happy, you can go with multiple cake flavors. You can have a classic chiffon cake, then a cheesecake, then a spiced cake. It’s your call.


Because the cake will not be eaten at once, it should be stable to last the entire wedding day. The weather conditions, the height of the cake, and its construction are all factors in determining how stable the cake will be. If the weather is hot, avoid the butter cream cake especially if it is a day wedding.


The price of the cake will also determine if the couple should take it or not. The cake has to place a balance between quality and price. Avoid cakes that are too cheap as they are cheap for a reason. It’s either they taste bad or are not constructed to last.

What you want matters

Communicate what you want with your baker—tell him what kind of base you like, the colors that appeal to you, and what you expect from the wedding cake. However, you should also allow the baker some artistic freedom in order to make you something beautiful but realistic.


From the Heart: Writing the Most Romantic Wedding Vow

A person’s wedding is one of the most important events in his life. It is a time when he professes his love for another and makes a solemn promise to be together as husband and wife. It is a day of commitment and a start lifelong journey. There are pre-made wedding vows that may have been used gazillions of times. While they are okay and present the key aspects of being married, the bride and the groom are not limited to these vows. In fact, the trend nowadays is to make and say your own vows. A personalized vow is more heartfelt and sounds more natural. Making your own vow is the easiest way to make your wedding day unique and unlike any other. Writing your own wedding vow can be pretty challenging especially if you are not used to pouring out your feelings in public. Here are some tips to make it easy.

Think about what you want to say.

It’s hard to construct a vow if your thoughts are all over the place. To get you started, why not brainstorm and get ideas flowing naturally? Think of the things that you want to profess to your loved one, the things that you like about him/her, and your expectations for the future. It will be easier to write continuously if you have an outline of the things you want to be in your vow.

Use your own words.

Don’t try to be poetic or suave if it is not in your nature. Say it like you would, naturally. The more real and organic your words are the better.
It doesn’t have to be long and grand.

Length is not synonymous to substance. You can have a one paragraph vow if everything you’d like to say is already covered. Don’t try too hard to make it long.

Speak from the heart.

Simple heartfelt lines are a lot better than a full rehearsed speech. Make it sincere and sweet. That’s all that matters. Remember that you will be telling this in front of your guests as well. Make your personality shine.


Tie the Knot: Wedding Rings for Women

Planning for a wedding involves so many details and it is a couple’s dream to make everything just perfect. The wedding ring is the symbol of eternal bond, the very symbol that you have committed your heart and life to someone. Wedding rings for women come in different styles and are made using various materials. Diamond rings are popular choices, as well as simple band rings. Nowadays, there are plenty of options for wedding rings for women. There are uniquely crafted and expensive designer brands. There are also vintage wedding rings for women, and more affordable styles that use more accessible materials such as sterling silver and stainless steel. There is one for every budget. Here are some options you may consider.

Identical wedding bands

Simple wedding rings for women are still the most popular. A plain gold or platinum band is a classic design that never goes out of style. This is the type that is easiest to acquire as well and is a good option if you don’t have enough time to look for a more complicated wedding ring sets for women. For this, the style for men and women are exactly the same, just in their custom sizes. This is also a practical choice for the modern day bride as you don’t have to take them off when doing chores.

Coordinated diamond wedding rings for women

Some women choose to be more extravagant when it comes to the rings. In fact, some couples look for coordinated wedding ring sets. Diamond rings for women can be a part of a specific collection wherein there is a designated wedding ring style to complement a specific engagement ring. In addition, some collection also includes an eternity band ring, which is perfect for anniversaries, renewal of vows, and any special occasion for the married couple.

Vintage wedding rings for women

For brides who would want more exclusivity, there are a variety of unique wedding rings for women. Most of them are vintages. Vintage wedding rings are more expensive as the styles are more intricate and the gemstones, if any, are rarer. Vintage wedding rings appeal to brides with discerning tastes and those who only want jewelry with a bit of history. You can find vintage rings from reliable jewelers or if you are lucky, your great grandmother can give you hers. Some families make it a custom to pass down jewelry as an heirloom. If you have a vintage ring, that could be your “something old” or “something borrowed”.

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