Save on Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations—-if you look at them, they are just a piece of thick fancy paper. However, they are important as they are a formal announcement of your big day. It’s quite ironic that despite how technologically advanced the printing processes are nowadays, wedding invitations are still quite expensive and may take a huge bite out of your wedding budget. Here are some smart tips on how to save on wedding invitations.

Consider laser printing

If you are not the type of couple who has to have an embossed wedding invitation, a good money saver is to opt for a less expensive printing method. Laser printing—this is something the conservative set may frown upon but it can save a lot of money. Laser printing is faster too as compared to engraving and thermography.


People who are artsy and those who have plenty of time in their hands can consider DIY wedding invitations. As there are different kinds of wedding themes nowadays, there are also different kinds of wedding invitations. There are formal invitations, postcard type invitations, and customized wedding invitations. If you want yours to stand out and you want to save on wedding expenses, make them yourself.

Always order a sample

Even if you have the budget to get those very pretty embossed invitations, it is wise to get samples first. This will give you an idea about the quality of the work and the type of paper they will use.

Shop for options

Don’t just visit one printer. Check all the ones in your area and find the one that offers the best package for a good price.

Proofread once, twice, and thrice

Don’t trust your own eyes, as you might actually let some errors pass. Take a couple of friends with you and proofread like crazy.

Just use one envelope

It’s customary to use a couple of envelopes for mailing wedding invitations. Using additional envelopes can actually increase the cost.

Be careful with the add-ons

When it comes to wedding invitations, anything that you add to the basic can balloon up the expense. So use only necessary accents. Remember that it is the content of the invitations that count.

Order extra

Always order extra invitations to save time just in case you’ll need them later.

Come up with your complete wedding guest list before anything else

The time to visit a printer is when you have completed your guest list. Make sure that the names and titles are correct.

Ask everyone to help

If you are planning to make your own wedding invitations, ask the help of your family members and make sure that there is someone who will handle the quality control.

Suggest the theme of your wedding on your wedding invitations

Make sure that the colors and the accents used mirror the theme of your wedding.

These wedding invitation tips will help you announce your wedding with some style and still save some money.

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