Take Your Pick: Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Lovely Lady

For most men, the engagement is a giant leap and is one of the biggest life- altering moments that they should carefully plan for. This is a momentous declaration of love and a choice to move on to a more exciting time and look forward to being married. The star of the engagement is the ring, of course. Nothing says love louder and clearer than a diamond engagement ring. Diamond is the world’s toughest substance and is the rightful symbol of love and devotion. If you are planning to propose and are considering buying an engagement ring, check out these guidelines.

Remember that an engagement ring is more than just an ornament. It will be a lifetime reminder of the day she says yes to you. It is a love symbol that she will wear for always so it has to be a design that fits her personality in the best way possible.

A round solitaire diamond is the most popular choice, although you can also pick a princess cut (square cut) or an emerald cut. It can also be a white diamond or a colored diamond, depending on the choices available. For the romantic types, a thin-band solitaire marquise cut is a good choice as it elongates the fingers, making them look daintier and more feminine. A thick band with a more contemporary style will suit a modern woman on the go. Small hands won’t look great with a thick band, so it is important that you find a style that complements the size and shape of your beloved’s hands.

Of course, the larger the stone, the pricier is the ring. The price also depends on when the ring was made. Antique rings are costlier as most of them have elaborate work and have bigger diamonds. Their designs are also very distinctive. If you have the budget, vintage rings will definitely make your loved one feel more special but of course, the ring is just the symbol. Choose an engagement ring that mirrors your promise and one that she will happily wear for a lifetime.