Sweet Weddings: The Wedding Cake

In planning for your wedding, there are many details that you have to take care of. One of them is the wedding cake. Because it is a romantic event, anything sweet is considered to be a must for every wedding. The cake will be among the most important elements of the wedding reception and will be part of the so-called, first slice of the wedding cake, which the couple will share together. The remaining cake is usually served to the guests. So what makes a good wedding cake?

Aesthetic appeal

The wedding cake is considered to be an extension of the wedding theme so it is not uncommon to find a wedding cake that matches the wedding colors or take inspiration from the venue of the wedding. The traditional wedding cake color is white, although nowadays, that is rarely observed as design options have tremendously increased over the last few decades. The height of the cake also varies, depending on the budget and the preferences of the couple. There are very high, multi-level tiered cakes, while there are two layer cakes. Because it will be photographed many times, it has to be visually appealing. Some couples choose a cake made of hundreds of cupcakes in many different flavors and designs as an alternative to wedding cakes. Cupcakes make serving the guests easier and they are easier to transport too.

Yumminess factor

Of course, it is not only important that the cake looks good. It is also very important that it tastes good. Couples can choose from different varieties of cake base. They can choose a decadent cheese cake, go delicate with an angel food cake, or go dense and filling with a buttery pound cake. Mousse cakes and fruit cakes are also very popular choices. It would be a lot easier if the couple picks a single cake flavor. However, if you want to make the guests happy, you can go with multiple cake flavors. You can have a classic chiffon cake, then a cheesecake, then a spiced cake. It’s your call.


Because the cake will not be eaten at once, it should be stable to last the entire wedding day. The weather conditions, the height of the cake, and its construction are all factors in determining how stable the cake will be. If the weather is hot, avoid the butter cream cake especially if it is a day wedding.


The price of the cake will also determine if the couple should take it or not. The cake has to place a balance between quality and price. Avoid cakes that are too cheap as they are cheap for a reason. It’s either they taste bad or are not constructed to last.

What you want matters

Communicate what you want with your baker—tell him what kind of base you like, the colors that appeal to you, and what you expect from the wedding cake. However, you should also allow the baker some artistic freedom in order to make you something beautiful but realistic.

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