Beach Wedding Dresses and How to Look Fabulous for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are now some of the hottest wedding trends. Tying the knot in an exotic island is definitely romantic and is a dream of couples who want to share their special moment with their guests somewhere far and with a more relaxed vibe. Beach weddings allow the couples and the guests to dress less formally, which is perfect for the fun-loving set. Here are tips in choosing beach wedding dresses.

It is about the fit.

Beach wedding dresses are not the conventional wedding dresses that are ultra luxurious and over the top in terms of detail. The most important detail in choosing the perfect dress for a beach wedding is the fit. It has to accentuate your best features and hide the areas that you don’t feel so confident about. If you are comfortable with showing some skin, you can opt for a sarong style dress or a halter top gown that shows off your arms.

Be wise about the color.

There are certain colors that complement the beach scenery. Deep purple, bright yellow, coral, turquoise, and jade green are good color choices for a beach wedding. Plumeria pink and tangerine are also often chosen. If you like a more somber color but you don’t like white, you may choose powder blue or mocha.

Make sure that the fabric can handle travel and the humidity.

As much as possible, choose a fabric that can stand humidity and is low maintenance. This is a helpful tip especially if you are the guest who doesn’t have too much time left between your arrival and the ceremony.

Try buying readymade wedding dresses.

Unlike indoor weddings, beach weddings are more forgiving in terms of the dress code. Because lightweight fabrics are often used for beach wedding dresses, you can buy a readymade dress and still have a great chance of finding one that fits you fabulously. Check the stores near you, or if you want a more unique dress, buy online.

Be veil free.

Brides have been using a veil for weddings since forever. However, in a windy setting such as the beach, a veil is not practical. It can blur your vision and it would just keep on dancing with the breeze, making you reach out for it more often than is necessary. Also, if your hair tends to puff due to high humidity, you might want to consider an up do that will keep it in place.

Flip flops are cool.

The great thing about opting to wear a beach wedding dress is that you can pair it with flip flops. Some brides often choose to have feet accessory to accent their bare feet. Remember that beach and heels don’t match.

Accessorize for the occasion.

Accessorizing beach wedding dresses is different from dressing up a conventional white wedding dress. Natural accents such as pearls, starfish, flowers, and wooden beads are okay.

Make sure to inform your guests about your dress code.

While it is safe to assume that they can dress less formally, it is better to tell them clearly just what the dress code will be so they won’t second guess themselves.

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