From the Heart: Writing the Most Romantic Wedding Vow

A person’s wedding is one of the most important events in his life. It is a time when he professes his love for another and makes a solemn promise to be together as husband and wife. It is a day of commitment and a start lifelong journey. There are pre-made wedding vows that may have been used gazillions of times. While they are okay and present the key aspects of being married, the bride and the groom are not limited to these vows. In fact, the trend nowadays is to make and say your own vows. A personalized vow is more heartfelt and sounds more natural. Making your own vow is the easiest way to make your wedding day unique and unlike any other. Writing your own wedding vow can be pretty challenging especially if you are not used to pouring out your feelings in public. Here are some tips to make it easy.

Think about what you want to say.

It’s hard to construct a vow if your thoughts are all over the place. To get you started, why not brainstorm and get ideas flowing naturally? Think of the things that you want to profess to your loved one, the things that you like about him/her, and your expectations for the future. It will be easier to write continuously if you have an outline of the things you want to be in your vow.

Use your own words.

Don’t try to be poetic or suave if it is not in your nature. Say it like you would, naturally. The more real and organic your words are the better.
It doesn’t have to be long and grand.

Length is not synonymous to substance. You can have a one paragraph vow if everything you’d like to say is already covered. Don’t try too hard to make it long.

Speak from the heart.

Simple heartfelt lines are a lot better than a full rehearsed speech. Make it sincere and sweet. That’s all that matters. Remember that you will be telling this in front of your guests as well. Make your personality shine.

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