Timeless Antique Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is the symbol of betrothal and is the sign that wedding bells will soon be ringing. A woman who is given an antique engagement ring should be extremely flattered as antique rings are known for their impressive craftsmanship and high quality of stones. The improvement in the clarity of the diamonds can be seen in the engagement rings from the Art Deco period. This period also marked the popularity of bezel style rings to enhance the look of small diamonds. The bezel setting makes them appear larger in size and adds to the sparkle. During the 1920’s, white metals like platinum, white gold, and silver are the usual setting.

Some of the most elaborate designs are from the Victorian Era. While the stones from this period are not as clear as the stones from the modern day, they are considerably larger. Rose and yellow gold are the two most common metals used for Victorian engagement rings. Plenty of metal work can be seen in Edwardian rings, as the filigree design can often be seen on the engagement ring from the Edwardian period. If you are looking for a vintage ring for your beloved, look at the rings from the Victorian period up to the early 1940’s. They are considered to be the best.

In looking for antique engagement rings, be sure to do your research first and consult an expert. Ideally, the ring should come with a certificate to ensure that you are getting a legitimate piece. If it has no certificate, have it appraised first. Be sure to carefully check the ring before buying it. Check for visible scratches and dents on the metal. Also, make sure that the stones are still carefully in place. If there are loose stones, make sure you have them fixed.

If you are given an antique ring, make sure to care for it properly. Have it inspected regularly to ensure that you won’t lose any precious stone. In addition, have it professionally cleaned to help preserve its beauty. Remember that the engagement ring is a very important symbol of commitment. Make sure you buy from authorized sellers and you care for the ring properly.

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